The first month with the baby is a mix of – feeling ecstatic ,overwhelmed, learning to handle a new born and adjusting to the new routine. It’s the start of a wonderful journey as you see their first smile, first toss over the bed, first word etc etc.

As a follow-up to our first post, let’s revisit on what you need for the baby in his/her first month and where to find reliable sustainable options.

Post delivery at the hospital for first few days you get the diapers, baby clothes all from the hospital. On the day of discharge you need to ensure you have:

  • Diapers – On the birth of our second baby, we found a hassle free way of having ecological diapers stock always at home without the need to add it to the shopping list. All you have to do is register with lillydoo ( and they send you boxes of diapers at your doorstep on monthly basis.
  • Rompers (Inner Body) – The first few months babies grow pretty fast so keep 5-6 bodies (depending on your wash cycle) as you will need to keep changing the sizes. If you are on a tight budget, then Migros has Organic Cotton based bodies, their sizes are big (like 0-3 months) so you will need to fold sleeves etc but won’t need to replace them frequently. Otherwise, Coop also have naturaline baby bodysuit with a bit less wide size grading. Both of them have production in India (50% of World’s organic cotton is produced in India). Their prices are very competitive as they have bulk production and given our philosophy is to bring Organic Cotton at affordable price and there are options in market we didn’t introduced it under our brand. On the premier range, there is Petit Bateau they are on the expensive side, you will need to change sizes regularly. Look for the one with Bio label as they sell mix of Bio Cotton as well as Normal Cotton and they source and manufacture from China (comparatively China accounts for only 12% of World’s Organic Cotton production).
  • Sleep Suit (Fully Body) – It’s the same theme for sleep suit as in rompers. Of course we recommend you to try our sleepsuit by Ansh but at the same time we know at this time we don’t have enough styles as we are a start-up. However, as you will show your support we will be able to circle the money back to more manufacturing cycles. Otherwise on the less expensive side and more variety there is H&M as well as C&A but we don’t believe they provide authentic sustainable clothing because at such large channels it’s very difficult to oversee the whole chain. Of course on the premium side you have Petit Bateau.
  • Baby Towel (with Hood) – We realized you don’t find many options when it comes with good quality baby towels. Our towel is 100% Organic Cotton and has a very good size as we have been using it for our 2nd baby. For the price you won’t find a better deal and we totally recommend you to try Ansh Baby Towel as you won’t regret it.

To avoid making the article too long, those are the first very basic things you need at minimum. Depending on the weather at the time of new born you will need especially winter clothing.

In addition to clothing, the other main category are bath products which we suggest to take from Pharmacy.

In our next article we can cover other category of products (outside of clothing) like crib, stroller etc.

Hope you find these blog helpful and if yes, for us the only way to know is if you leave a comment.

PS: Our apologies it took us a bit of time to write this as we work full time, have 2 kids and in addition were busy promoting this passion business to bring you authentic Organic Cotton Clothing.

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